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Large Format

Large Format Printing is a solvent or latex digital print, that is, a modern technology used for the production of printed forms on a banner, film and paper. This technique is used very often for the production of advertising banners, boards, signs, posters, advertising materials for coffers, stands or roll-ups.

Simple in form, cheap in production and extremely effective as a tool for advertising and marketing communication. Stickers are usually small pieces of paper or foil with self-adhesive properties. Depending on the type of glue used, they can either be fixed permanently or they can be repeatedly glued and peeled off. The Vprint digital printing shop produces stickers in various shapes and sizes: circles oval, custom, double-sided. High quality digital printing allows to create a spectacular, commemorative photo sticker.

Posters are associated with the simplest, basic form of advertising. They are primarily intended to inform about all kinds of upcoming or special events. We print posters using the highest quality printing devices. First of all, we focus on meeting customer expectations. This applies to both exceptional aesthetics and, of course the best quality. We have technology, equipment and we also have the qualified staff!

One Way Vision is a perforated foil with round holes designed mainly for application on car windows or shop window displays. It is a light-transmitting foil that doesn’t restrict the external light and does not impair visibility from the inside – thanks to hundreds of small holes. It has properties similar to the Venetian mirror with the difference that it is an advertising surface.

Canvas allow to create authentic works with attractive and natural color. It works primarily in internal exhibitions and is a perfect complement to interior design. It is also great product for gift.

Billboards are one of the basic forms of visual advertising. Depending on the needs and the way of use, they are printed on various materials. They can be made of a milk or transparent plexiglass plate, foamed PCV or plain PCV. The VPRINT company guarantees professional assistance and advice in choosing the most suitable material for the billboards and their professional and fast production.

Citylights can be found in the most frequented places of cities: shopping malls, promenades, stations and stops. This type of outdoor advertising can take the form of a free-standing one or be a part of small architecture, bus shelters, building walls or even vehicles. A common feature of all these types is the backlight that makes them visible in all conditions. Thanks to this, Citylights are extremely effective in reaching potential customers.

Photo Wallpapers can be a decoration of any room. Interesting motifs will successfully decorate a room or any other interior in an apartment or office. Deciding on a Photo Wallpaper, we can make the arrangement will be original, and the printed project will perfectly fit into your favorite style that give an unique atmosphere. Photo Wallpaper has a layer of glue so can be easily apply on the wall.

Rollups are modern, portable exhibition systems that can be usefull in many situations. They can be moved without any problems, and set wherever other types of advertising are not possible. Rollup can be easily and quickly placed anywhere at conference, fair, exhibition or ceremonie. High-quality, universal rollups produced in VPRINT effectively attract attention and are the quintessence of mobile advertising.

Cutouts are useful when your company needs to mark business cars, windows or shop windows, decorate walls or glazing in offices and companies. Computer cutting allows obtain any shape from self-adhesive materials, reflective foils, fluorescent foils, sandblast foils. Logos, pictograms, letters and numbers, graphic signs and many other interesting elements can be produced quickly and without any problems. The specialized transfer technique used in VPRINT allows safe transfer of even highly complex designs without risk of their destruction.

Banners are one of the most popular advertising media. They can reach with designed ad to as many recipients as possible. Thanks to the free flow of air, light and sound, the mesh is an ideal solution for large format advertising placed on scaffoldings or facades.

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