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Digital Printing is a method of printing that creates a picture directly on the basis of data sent from a computer without the use of intermediate carriers and printing forms, which saves the cost of preparing them and reduces the time of production. For the same reason, almost any personalization (modification) of every single copy of printed materials is possible.

Business cards still remain an inseparable element of business meetings. The development of digital printing and bookbinding techniques allows us to give them a very individual, sometimes extremely sophisticated, character. We focus mainly on meeting individual expectations of each of our clients, which is why we offer cheap business cards that are simultaneously performed in a fully professional manner.

Digital printing made it possible to significantly reduce the cost of production of advertising materials. Thanks to this, flyers have become extremely popular form of advertising. Handed on the street, added to the press, waiting for customers in retail and service outlets – flyers are everywhere. The effective advertising message of the flyers lies in the quality of workmanship and ease of customization.

Brochures and catalogs are one of the most common used advertising materials, in effective and professional form communicating the advantages of your products or services. Digital printing allows to prepare them quickly, at affordable prices and excellent quality.

Labels are widely used in many industries. They are used to identify products and goods. They are also a very important elements in marketing and advertising activities. Thanks to good label, the product has a chance to stand out from the others and to focus the consumer’s attention. Labels are printed on papers and self-adhesive foils in standard shapes as well as custom shapes.

Official business meetings, corporate or private occasional celebrations always require an official invitation, what increase attractiveness and emphasize the prestigious nature of the event. They can have a different form and content, they can be printed on various types of paper and in custom shapes and sizes.

Classic, wall, triple, desk calendars, photo calendars based on ready-made designs. Particularly attractive is the possibility of printing a personalized calendar with custom photos or graphics. Such calendars can be a great family or company souvenir.

Nicely and elegantly made envelopes with a company imprint increase the quality of the business correspondence. It is also an extremely convenient solution, eliminating tedious data entry and significantly shortening the shipping process. Aesthetically made envelopes with imprint build the prestige of the company and emphasize its professional character.

Professional printed teaching materials are a perfect complement to meetings and conferences. They can be in form as a simple presentation or an extensive specialist publication. We can print substantive training scripts, teaching materials for trainers, manual procedures.

Offering and advertising files are always useful when you want to provide your contractors or clients with a set of information or promotional materials. Aesthetically made folders are an element of visual identification, provide address data and emphasize professionalism. It’s definitely increases the strength of the information transmitted and builds a positive, prestigious image of the company.

Every company take care of its prestige and elegant image and it doesn’t give up the traditional office equipment like a professionally prepared letterhead. This is one of the basic tool affecting the perception of the company. We will make sure that the company’s paper is of the best quality and meets all expectations.

When organizing a conference or training, it is worth thinking about a practical and elegant gift. We offer personalized notebooks that will increase the prestige of the meeting. Marketing potential of notebook also increases the possibility of placing any ads or informations on them.

The biggest advantage of digital printing is the ability to personalize every print. Each subsequent print can contain variables such as numbering, coding, addressing or other individualized data in any place. Individual prints may differ in a number of details, placed in the provided database (eg, an Excel). Print personalization saves the time and money.

Digital printing allows to prepare self-copying prints with any content, fit to any individual needs and expectations. We guarantee the best durability of all self-copying prints in our printing house.

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